SMARTBIOCONTROL - Portefeuille de projets - Plateforme transfrontalière de recherche et de formation pour la promotion du biocontrôle des agents phytopathogènes


The portfolio of projects SMARTBIOCONTROL brings together a large panel of expertise in the cross-border region in order to develop new performant biological products to struggle against crop diseases. It is based on a pilot project and four very distinct constitutive projects which are strongly interconnected to select new bio-sourced ingredients (molecules or micro-organisms, BIOSCREEN), to develop their production on an industrial scale (BIOPROD), to evaluate their efficiency under agronomic conditions (BIOPROTECT) and to assure their monitoring on the fields (BIOSENS).

SMARTBIOCONTROL is based on an innovative approach aimed at better harnessing Belgian and French farmers of the region disposing with such products, to respond to the requirements of an integrated management of diseases that minimizes the use of chemical pesticides. The portfolio clearly fits in the re-enforcement of reserach/development and the innovation in the cross-border areas and the transfer of good practices towards the farmers. It brings together the skills of 26 partners (teams) issued of 20 small different structural entities (research centers, universities, non-profit organizations, industries, regional federations, farmer associations) equally distributed on both sides of the border.  The management of such a consortium requires from the pilot project an optimal coordination of the scientific work, of their communication and its valorisation.

The communication provided by  SMARTBIOCONTROL is intensive. A web site ( has been created with the aim of becoming a real exchange platform between the different partners of the project (INTRANET) and with the different targeted publics (farmers, industrials, teacher-researchers, students, general public).

Two press conferences at the beginning and the end of the program are planned as well as the organisation of a symposium in order to present the detailed results of the project. The consortium will also participate in the organisation of the Congress of the European Federation for Phytopathology. Dissemination of the results of the research will be ensured through participation in international congresses and the publication of articles in high-level scientific and popular journal.