SMARTBIOCONTROL - Portefeuille de projets - Plateforme transfrontalière de recherche et de formation pour la promotion du biocontrôle des agents phytopathogènes


New strategies for production and formulation of low toxicity biopesticides

In the context of more respectful utilisation of pesticides in the environment, lipopeptides are very promising molecules. The principal objectives of the BIOPROD project are to remove the constraints related to the industrial production of these new bio-pesticides and the microorganisms that produce them.

The multi-disciplinary and collaborative works will be conducted on both sides of the border by operators specialized in their respective fields. Thus, the actions conducted in this project will be :

  • Optimisation of production and purification conditions of molecules by developing, among others,  new innovative procedures implementing high-throughput screening methods
  • Sizing and scaling up of installations to achieve future industrial production of lipopeptides

These two technical approaches will contribute to determination of a cost for each molecule, which will be one of the fundamentals for the market analysis hereafter mentioned.

  • Detailed studies of biodegradability and toxicity of molecules on different models in order to demonstrate the positive impact of these new bio-pesticides compared with the chemicals currently used in agriculture.
  • Realisation of many formulations tries in order to get these molecules commercialized, more stable, more active and easier in utilisation

These different actions will be complemented by a cross-border market study to determine the practices and expectations of phytosanitary distributors and farmers. The results will be compared in order to have a territorially adapted communication aimed at promoting these new phytosanitary molecules. The ultimate result of the project being the placing on the market in a close future of these products and thus improve the protection of environment through the use of respectful new bio-pesticides that are more respectful for nature and human.