SMARTBIOCONTROL - Portefeuille de projets - Plateforme transfrontalière de recherche et de formation pour la promotion du biocontrôle des agents phytopathogènes


A training course for agricultural technicians/advisers on biocontrol is currently under construction. This programme will be offered in the last quarter of 2020.

Here you can find the preliminairy program:

Preliminairy program





A set of slides is made available to all partners so that they can introduce them in various presentations for students. The partners can find there supports to present the Smartbiocontrol portfolio, the different constituent projects as well as the results obtained during the programme. This set of slides was initially developed within the framework of the BIOSCREEN project which has a “Training” work module in which all the university partners participate. It is regularly enriched with results obtained in the other constituent projects.