SMARTBIOCONTROL - Portefeuille de projets - Plateforme transfrontalière de recherche et de formation pour la promotion du biocontrôle des agents phytopathogènes


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Hieronder kan u een lijst terugvinden met de gegeven webinars in het kader van Smartbiocontrol:

Francois Krier (ULille) Optimisation of the lipopeptides production
Jenny Neukermans (PCG) Biological crop protection research at PCG
JP Vilcot (ULille) Surface plasmonic resonance
Maryline Calonne (UCL) Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: key partners for plant protection
Stephanie Roosa (MateriaNova) Biodegradation assessment applied to biopesticides: importance, challenges and activities in BioProd
Taieb Bakouche (ULille) Surface (bio)-functionalization: A main step towards bio-recognition/biosensing
Valérie Leclère (ULille) In silico screening for lipopeptides
Eric Comont (YNCREA) The expectations of distributors (cooperatives and trading companies) about phyto-products, and bio-fungicides in the Interreg area
Ali Siah (ISA Lille) From the laboratory to the field : importance of the dose and the pulverization for the efficacy of biocontrol products
Camille Dekuijper (CARAH) Detection and quantification of wheat diseases
Hannah Brück (Gembloux ABT) Biofilm-based bioprocess optimization by morphology engineering of Bacillus subtilis to improve surfactin production
Barbara Fifani (Gembloux ABT) Exploitation of the bacterial / fungal molecular dialogue for designing new processes for the production of secondary metabolites
Ludovic Tournat (FREDON) Evaluation d’efficacité de lipopeptides contre la tavelure du pommier en verger expérimental
Alexandre Berth (ULille) Membrane aerated biofilm bioreactor, from oxygen transfer model to surfactin production
Aline Roobroeck (Materia Nova) X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS-ESCA) : Principle and applications
Luisa Marcela Valdés Velasco (Gembloux ABT) Production of lipopeptide biosurfactants by Bacillus subtilis in solid state fermentation
Charlotte Degraeve (Lipofabrik) Bioreactor scale-up and relevant parameters
Qassin Esmaeel (URCA) Plant growth promoting Burkholderia reveals a promising biocontrol effect against grey mould disease in grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.)
Nour El Houda Raouani  (ULCO) Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi  ”An ecosystem engineers”
Fabian Dortu (Multitel) A compact multi-channel spectrometer for label-free monitoring of optically resonant sensors for on-site testing
Sofie Darwich (Inagro) First result of greenhouse and field trials at the practise station of Inagro in Belgium
Rania Hammami (Gembloux ABT) Biological control of post-harvest diseases of citrus fruits
Karine Lecointe (CHU Lille) Development of immunological tools for early detection of Zymoseptoria tritici
Sofija Andric (Gembloux ABT) Impact of interspecies interactions on the production of biocontrol-related metabolites by Bacillus velezensis
Alexis Jorion (CRAW) Biocontrol of apple scab (Venturia Inaequalis) in organic apple orchards
Rutger Pipeleers (Ugent) Effect of two rhamnolipids on the wheat – Zymoseptoria tritici and the rice – Magnaporthe oryzae pathosystem
François Coutte (ULille) Toxicity and Ecotoxicity of the lipopeptides produced by Bacillus subtilis versus conventional pesticides.
Elodie Claverie (Materia Nova) Screening of biosourced molecules by Arabidopsis cell suspensions elicitation
Quentin Gras (Gembloux ABT-ULille) « Molecular engineering applied to the directed synthesis of fengycin by Bacillus subtilis »
Mathieu Vanderriele (Pole Légumes RN) Study of biocontrol products against Bremia lactucae
Benoit Tisserant (ULCO) Effect of lipopeptides commercial bioproduct and mycorrhiza on development of two wheat pathogens : Blumeria graaminis and Zymoseptoria tritici
Pieter Spanoghe (Ugent) Overview of toxicity of biopesticides
Monica Hofte (Ugent) The influence of light and light quality on plants and their defences
Hannah Brück (ULille – ULiège) Webinar/seminar Bioprod + PhD thesis defence « Strain engineering and process design for continuous surfactin production in biofilm bioreactors with Bacillus subtilis 168 »
Louis Lippens (PCG) In-field use of biological fungicides
Fabian Dortu (Multitel) Presentation of the user interface of the measuring device of BIOSENS and perspectives of improvement
Rutger Pipeleers (UGent) Use of cyclic lipopeptide producing rhizobacteria for biocontrol