SMARTBIOCONTROL - Portefeuille de projets - Plateforme transfrontalière de recherche et de formation pour la promotion du biocontrôle des agents phytopathogènes

Database – effecten van biologische bestrijdingsmiddelen

This database lists the effects of biocontrol agents (BCAs) from the scientific literature for diverse host-pathogen combinations.

Here is the content of the columns:

  1. Reference
  2. Scientific journal
  3. Volume and pages
  4. Microorganism used as a biocontrol agent
  5. Biocontrol agent strain/isolate
  6. Biomolecule used as a biocontrol agent
  7. Biomolecule composition
  8. Commercial product name
  9. Pathogen
  10.  Pathogen strain/isolate
  11. Host plant
  12. Common name of the disease
  13. Plant variety
  14. Susceptibility of the host for the pathogen
  15. Culture conditions
  16. Parameters studied
  17. First take-home message
  18. Second take-home message
  19. Additional remark
  20. Effect of the biocontrol agent on the pathogen/disease

The database can be viewed in the form of a table for which several functions are available:

  • Sort the columns by ascending/descending alphabetical order using the arrow placed under the column title;
  • Select a portion of the results based on keywords with the « Search: » tab. For example: the name of a host (Strawberry) or the name of a disease (mildew), etc;
  • Print and download the results in different formats (with the list of print, Excel, CSV, Copy and PDF buttons).

A bar is available at the bottom of the page to horizontally scroll the window and view all the columns.